Brillion Partners With FLUUS to Bring RWAs to Emerging Markets

5 min readNov 21, 2023



The partnership between Brillion and FLUUS reaches a pivotal moment, with their dedication to broadening access to financial services in emerging markets. This strategic collaboration aims to bridge the gap in financial inclusion and investment opportunities for regions that have historically faced challenges in these areas by providing them low-barrier access to tokenized RWAs.

Tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs): The Next Frontier

Tokenized RWAs are tangible assets like real estate, art, and commodities that are tokenized on the blockchain. This process essentially creates a digital twin or counterpart of the tangible asset, enabling fractional ownership and tradeability on decentralized platforms. Tokenization and fractionalization of RWAs matters, because it greatly improves their accessibility and liquidity.

Consider the example of luxury watches. Tokenizing a high-end timepiece allows multiple investors to collectively own and trade fractions of its value. This not only opens up investment opportunities for a broader audience but also enhances liquidity in the market for such assets. Similarly, classic cars or valuable artworks can be tokenized, providing investors with the ability to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to exclusive assets that were once reserved for a select few.

Tokenized Artwork

The significance of RWAs in this space is growing due to their ability to provide sustainable yields and tangible asset backing, which offers a contrast to the often volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

However, the full potential of RWAs is yet to be realized, primarily due to barriers like the complexity of entering the crypto market and concerns over security.

FLUUS: Bridging Financial Services and Emerging Markets

FLUUS is an advanced financial infrastructure designed inclusively for emerging markets. They offer cash-to-crypto and crypto-to-cash transactions, fiat on/off ramps, and a checkout solution for SMEs and freelancers, providing a seamless experience in converting crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto.

By building global solutions that also cater to these markets, FLUUS promises to evolve the crypto ecosystem to connect the whole of humanity to better economic opportunities.

Since the emergence of bitcoin in such markets, people have found other use-cases than store of value. Stable coins and their use in cross border transactions is giving the ability for cash based communities to connect to the global economy and compete with traditional legacy finance.

The opportunity is huge, and access to tokenized RWAs is just another innovation emerging markets will have access to.

With a proven track record, exemplified by its financial aid facilitation in Ukraine, FLUUS understands the unique challenges and opportunities in these regions and plays a crucial role in enabling Brillion to reach these markets.

The Need for Reliable and Accessible Crypto Solutions

Cryptocurrency might be seen as a potential safe haven, but is hindered by complex entry barriers and security concerns. While traditional centralized exchanges (CEXs) offer some sort of solution by providing ease-of-access, they’re still faced with the same issues of distrust as their custodial nature comes with its own risks.

We’ve seen notable failures and breaches in the past, including the high-profile case of the FTX implosion. Non-custodial solutions, such as wallets, solve the issues of distrust and mismanagement as they take out the middle-man but traditionally have come with very high taxes on usability, rendering them unusable for most of the population. There’s a clear demand for an approach that combines low-barrier entry with secure, self-custodial solutions.

This is what Brillion stands for. As our lives are becoming progressively more digital, we believe it is crucial that everyone should be able to own their digital assets and identity, and they should have an easy way to do so. That’s why we created the Brillion Smart Wallet, a secure and easy-to-use gateway into Web3. As the official wallet of the AllianceBlock ecosystem, Brillion features in-wallet access to various investment opportunities, including the latest Arkefi RWA investments.

The Importance of Yield: The Promise of Tokenized RWAs

While simply holding cryptocurrencies instead of a weaker local currency can protect against inflation, that capital is still mostly sitting idle and therefore misses out on potential interest. DeFi strategies present an alternative, but come with complexity and risk. This gap highlights the need for RWA investments, offering a more stable and understandable yield opportunity compared to typical DeFi opportunities, which is exactly the aim of the Brillion & FLUUS partnership.

Empowering Emerging Markets with Accessible Investments and Secure Custody

The collaboration addresses these needs by providing an accessible on-ramp into cryptocurrencies through FLUUS’ services, combined with the secure and user-friendly Brillion wallet. This synergy allows users in emerging markets to maintain custody of their funds in a straightforward manner and opens up opportunities for RWA investments for emerging markets from a safe & trusted environment within the Brillion Smart Wallet. Brillion and FLUUS describe the partnership as an incredible opportunity to join efforts in building a more equitable financial system for all.

About Brillion

At Brillion, we’re all about simplifying money management and movement. Our goal is to ensure everyone can easily send, receive, and manage their funds.

That’s why we created the Brillion Smart Wallet. A next-generation non-custodial crypto wallet that’s focused on providing a superb user experience and a safe environment for accessing RWA investment opportunities.

We’re here to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to connect with the global economy, regardless of where they start.


FLUUS is an advanced financial infrastructure designed to include cash based markets. Our cutting-edge technology enables effortless cash-to-crypto and crypto-to-cash transactions, all compliant with zero fees.
No one should be left behind, and by connecting crypto currencies in a safe and simple manner we can unlock better economic opportunities.

That’s why we created FLUUS!

We are here to connect money to humanity.