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Account Abstraction : Social Login Feature

3 min readSep 4, 2023


Ready to revolutionize your crypto experience? As we saw in our last post, we learned about banking integration, what it was and how it was implemented by Brillion.

Let’s take a closer look at another feature that complements what we’ve seen above: Social Login. Thanks to account abstraction, it is now possible to access Web3 without necessarily using your seed phrase or private key.

A revolution that Brillion has already thought of implementing in its smart wallet. Let’s find out more about this new feature and what Brillion has imagined…

1- Why is Social Login a major innovation?

In our initial article, we discussed how interacting with the Ethereum blockchain requires an Ethereum account. These accounts come in two forms: smart contracts and externally owned accounts (EOAs). Smart contracts offer customizable functions for blockchain interaction. Conversely, EOAs enable users to interact with Ethereum and its smart contracts through wallets that act as interfaces with the blockchain.

Each externally owned account (EOA) is tied to a signer, consisting of a public and private cryptographic key pair. However, this exclusive EOA-signer connection can lead to user experience challenges. Because each account has a single associated private key, losing this key means losing permanent access to the account and its linked assets.

Indeed, in practice, when we first started using blockchain and our wallets, the creation of the latter necessarily involved entering and memorising a private key or seed phrase.

That was a time when everyone used their own technique: pen and paper, photography, and many others. Even though these moments may seem funny, they can be a bit tricky in terms of security and management!

There was a great need to improve the user experience, particularly when it came to accessing the wallet. Also, This situation underscores the potential hindrance to widespread adoption.

2- Social Login at Brillion

But thanks to the recent implementation of EIP-4337, developers can integrate the ability to connect via your email account or social networks when creating a wallet.

In other words, through social media, or email authentication, users can effortlessly generate a smart contract wallet in two clicks, eliminating the necessity of downloading a specific application or utilizing seed phrase.

This new way of registering greatly encourages the adoption of Web3. In fact, this connection method is still familiar to our everyday use of the Internet (web2).

And this is what we’ve implemented at Brillion.

Using Brillion means choosing a simple application that allows you to access all Web3 services in just a few seconds!

Indeed, Brillion Wallet simplifies the registration process for users by offering social login onboarding. In other words, instead of dealing with the private key, users can sign up for Brillion using their existing social media account.

In practice, you will be able to connect directly via your Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Github or Gmail account!

This approach not only accelerates the registration process but also enhances user-friendliness.

Moreover, this practice reduces security risks associated with using the same passwords across multiple websites.

We told you: Brillion’s impact will be massive

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